Sunday, July 29, 2007

I been gone

Like most of us, me all have our up and downs. There is lots of things that happened and I will spread it out in lighted letters when I feel like it, alright!

In the meantime my art creatives have only got more. I got one up in a store where you can by overalls in Mindyville. I was asked to drawed a new logo design for the Softball Union L-180 which I was a linesmen member of after serving a 4 year stint, breaking my ankle, but only in sprains. Lately I ben focusing on poms and googles, by my speashallty is in anything pastel colored. Everything that doesn't move can and should be pastel is what I always say. So if you are wondering, that is what I said okay!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Old Fashion is better

There is a lot of upset over who the father is and at this point and I just need a break from it for a long time, there are so many options in this world and anything could be why this is going on. In the meantime, this world is getting bigger every minute. Every minutes someone is born and it gets fuller. She is lucky that she was borned into Hollywood. Not all of us get to drink from crystal and enjoy the world from a caterred limosine of sheen and leather. In the meantime, a thousand babies have just been borned in other areas and this world can't feed all those people, especially when people are tearing out orchards. The good things are that industries are getting bigger. I think in the futrue, this world will be completely different. Everything will be push button. Nobody will get their exercise. This world has already changed form the old days.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Its terrible, what's she done

I was learning about what is important on the 7 pm shows today and I couldn't hardly believe my own thoughts when I heard that she cut off her hairs, right down to the bald!!!!!! Now she looks totally different and the hairs salon is in a whole heap of trouble and so they should be! You aren't supposed to do that when you're real pretty and it will be real upsetting until it grows back to the normal blonde length for girls again. In the meantime, what are we supposed to do while we wait?! I for one don't want to have to think about it all the time. In the meantime, time will go by real slowly and I know it will be on the top of my mind. When I see things that remind me of it in length before, like the dancing programs when they show the past of her. Her 2 baby will be very afraid of her until then, so hopefully they will learn this lesson.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Love in the Fast Lane, Form this Gal's Perspective.

Its just real terrible shame to see that special ones in America HOLLYWOOD have to go through hardships when it comes to a matter of fairytale loving in the fast lane. Now I'm real upset and can't even snap out it. I reckon you guys are upset too so I thought I would enter the internet and talk to y'all and so we can all agree that it wasn't his fault. He is as cute as a button - one of the greats with manuevers of that like no other, in the top hits form what i hear and she is a cindralla story of beauty of that of an angel -in the end what could have made that end! It is just a real heartbreaker when it gets to the bottom of it. We all have to worry if we should bother after hearing things like tits. Well, in the end apparently it didn't work out. I just heard on the TV and everyone is real upset now. Of course when I looked over at my shelf, I saw three of my most important louisa dolls giggling and laughing up an entire storm about it and that always makes me real cross. It just doesn't fit the situation and once again they don't supposed to be laughing at a time like this, so I gave them 2 warnings. After they ignored, I fast-pitched my flyswatter at them as hard as hard can be and then I missed, so I had to get up and walk real cross over to them all and then just put their heads flat down. The remaining louisa dolls were fine because most of them were slumped over or they were falling back into the spine of themselves. So there was no point in getting them in trouble, so I didn't tell anyone. Meanwhile, when I finally got back to the area of television and I wouldn't have believed it, but the TV was still up in arms about the romancing of he said she siad, as if I wasn't already enough!!!! If she had just stayed the way she had in the start and before they met - then everything would still be great right now. Then it wouldn't have been so upsetting for all of us and we could move on at this point. It is a real battle and it is a public display of trouble if you have to ask.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Give me a Break!

Well i Just about lost a gasket when I saw that he was finally about to get his communpense and get his body hanged.
I could hardly believe that our day had finally come and that a nusance would be ended finally so i could finally focus on something else. Its about time! Talk about 'about time!' Ha! I don't think so. It will take a bit more of you know what to get these colors to run, in the meantime you might as well just give up and know that they won't ever run because they are too courage to ever make a run for it, especially in this day and age of technology and upperhands. I hardly think there is any color of the color wheel that could even come close to test our gumption if you ask me, but maybe that is just what I reckon. Once they realize and there is no point in even trying to deny that for them, they will finally get it and get it for good. In the meantime we dont have to ever again worry about that one and for that I can just focus on other things on tv now finally.

On a ligher note, the future is always coming so I figure I might as well get it while I can. Of course the two Hollywood babies are doing great. One has hair of golden fair, the other as dark as night with eyes of emerald blue. Both will be the talk of the town as they age. I know someone who wont have a hard time finding a date! Ha! Yeah right! With parents of that movie potential there is no way they will EVER need to wait by the phone and waiting for him to call all night. Luckily the parents of A Hollywood have the wear-witha-all to shielded them from those damn photographers who seem to have an ever-grown need to get their photos for the grocery libraries and such. Every minute flashbulbs are in the baby eyes, it just can't be healthy in today's age. Is it too much to ask for the 2 babies to have it would just be great to have ONE day off for the love of pete. At least when they are sick they can have some happy times and just get a break, so in the end maybe those jerks will bug off and give it a rest even just for one day.

Friday, October 13, 2006

When I have thinkouts into words

American know-how is what will get us through this nuclar threat that them other ones keep threatening us with. I saw it inbetween my stories and I nearly fell off my couch when I saw who it was and it was that little man who has a nerve to test our sprits??! Ha! I don't think so! The most we can hope for is that they will just back down once they realize we are number 1 and there is no point in even trying to deny that for them, once they realize. Meanwhile, how could they even want to trouble us when they realize all of the many Hollywood stars? Many of them are having famous exceptional babies that happen when the 2 beauties become one. This is great fur the future because then hopefully they will be pretty too and that will just make it so great.

The future is always coming so I figure I might as well get it while I can and keep my chin up. I was happy when that story ended and I got back to the Romance series that was the whole reason I had even satten down in the first place! Thanks a lot. Just when I realized I was realaxing, 3 of the younger cats came tearing around at break-neck speeds so i swatted at them with a cane and told them to SLOW DOWN! Just then, one of the other ones started making a real weird sound out of its neck. I reckoned he should learn by figure out what it is by himself, so I just left.

Tomorrow is the Big game against Mindyville. I'm not looking foward to it because the Kenyin brothers are sure to be there making a rude ruckus and I'm sure they'll ruin the whole day. After that I'll probably go to the mart and get some Lysol so that I can spray areas that have cat brown on them. Thanks alot, this is what I get to do when I'm tired after the game! Thanks a lot. Meanwhile if it wasn't for me, they wouldnt even have any idea where to buy that cat food in the first place. Must be nice to have some taller lady than you feeding you every day, while you run around and ruin the lady's day by interupting everything.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Fantasy of Delight

Some might have called it 'The Most Beautiful day in Mindyville of All Time', but I would hate to evern give it any words. I walked passed Jenson's Patch and sat on a log for a bit, to collect my wishes and recall the day of delight that was about to be. Before I knew it I was off into the imagines and just when i didn't realize that -3 dancing rodents came dancing down the lane and they giggled with dance delight any time I tried to join them. 'Ha ha!' I said and I said 'Why not let me join!', but they just laughed again and sprinkled away just as quickly as can be. Just then I heard some rustles coming from inside the hole of an everest pine tree, 'Who goes there' I say.. but there is no answer. I say 'who goes there!' (this time all gruff) and just then a Unicorn as wonderful as the eye could ever imagine came out of the pine brush only to meet me with a grin of delight. A snort sounded through the mist in the cove. I was startled, but only for a second. Then she took a few slow steps into the cove. I was just on the edge of my seat at that poitn! Peering closer, I was able to make out an equine-shaped silhouette through the thick mist and could see a unicorn-like cone coming from her forehead and that is when i said 'A unicorn!'. I knelded down and said 'come here girl' and then I grabbed the unicorn oats from my pocket and she started to come over real nervous.A thin golden ray of light shineded from her eyes and I knew I had to help her before she was bludgeoned. I touched her nose real gentle and spread oats all over her body. She gasped, not in fear, but in wonder.